What will the rest of the academic year look like?

When classes adjourn on Nov. 20 and Fall Break begins, that will be the last day Colorado State University students will have in-person instruction on campus until January 2021. Campus will remain open, but all classes will be delivered remotely for the last two weeks of Fall semester — Nov. 30-Dec. 11. Finals week — Dec. 14-18 — will also be completely virtual.

Students who remain in Fort Collins may need access to CSU resources and spaces. Although the University will remain open to serve students, faculty and staff, some offices may reduce their hours of in-person operations. 

The Provost’s Office has offered some information on what campus will look like through the end of this highly unusual academic year in May. All of this is current as of the beginning of November; watch SOURCE and your email inbox for updates. Information about the spring 2021 semester also will be posted on the COVID Information and Resources website as details are available: covid.colostate.edu/kb/plans-for-spring-semester/

Course instruction and delivery

Course instruction and assessment must continue after Fall Break through the scheduled end of the academic semester. All regular exams and final exams must be administered remotely. In-person exams are not permitted.

Technology support will continue to be available to faculty to facilitate remote course delivery.  

Proctoring for online exams will remain the same: Faculty should continue to use CSU’s existing online proctoring platforms. 

Faculty also are strongly encouraged to be flexible with students whose technology or other circumstances prevent their use of an online proctoring platform. The University Testing Center  staff typically work with faculty and students to suggest alternatives. Email questions to testing@colostate.edu.

Consistent with existing policy, no exams or major assignments individually weighted at more than 10% of a student’s overall grade should be administered Dec. 7-11, the week prior to finals week.

Access to Morgan Library and other spaces

Morgan Library will provide access for faculty and students during and after Fall Break. Library hours can be found at: lib.colostate.edu/about/hours/

More information will be forthcoming on access to labs, study spaces, classrooms and other locations during and after Fall Break. 

All public health guidelines and safety protocols implemented for the Fall semester will continue through finals week as well as for the upcoming Spring semester. Any faculty, staff and students coming to any CSU campus after Fall Break will still need to comply with all health protocols including physical distancing, wearing masks, and reporting symptoms through the COVID Information & Resources website.  

Spring Semester 

Spring semester will start as originally scheduled – Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021.

A full week of Spring Break will be maintained, but four weeks later than originally scheduled: April 12 – 16, 2021

After Spring Break, all course instruction and exams for the remaining three weeks of the semester and finals week will be delivered remotely, just like the final two weeks of the Fall semester. Finals week will remain unchanged – May 10-14.

This adjustment will help eliminate additional risks of exposure for the community that could result from extensive travel during Spring Break.

 As planned for post-Fall Break, the University will remain open following Spring Break. 

Course instruction

In the spring, the Provost plans to replicate the percentage of courses offered either in-person or hybrid as during the Fall semester. 

COVID-19 testing

The University intends to continue offering extensive coronavirus testing protocols in the Spring semester, and the testing team will continue making process improvements through winter break and into spring. More about testing, symptom reporting, public health protocols, University operations, trending topics and other COVID-related information and resources can be found at CSU’s COVID Information and Resources website.