In case you missed it: 2022-2023 Best of CSU highlights

Best of CSU is published each year, tallying the votes from readers like you and compiling a list of the very best of CSU and Fort Collins.

With categories ranging from best breakfast to best college, this edition of Best of CSU is sure to make you raise your eyebrows and nod in agreement.

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out the 2022-23 Best of CSU, copies are on the racks in the LSC, waiting for you to discover what your next favorite restaurant or bike shop will be. 

For now, here are some of the highlights, but be sure to pick up a copy to see all the award winners, top-five lists, and everything else that was written about CSU and the great city of Fort Collins. 

Best College – College of Liberal Arts

Don’t be so surprised, CLA has won for good reason. With a diverse portfolio of educational opportunities, how could you go wrong?

Best Dining Hall – Foundry

Be sure to take advantage of this great dining hall. It is open to anyone! Located between Parmelee and Corbett hall, Foundry is the very best spot to go on campus.

Best Campus Coffee – Morgan’s Grind

Need a little pick-me-up on campus? Look no further than Morgan’s Grind in the Library. Just take one visit and see how much your day turns around!

Best Campus Lunch – Spoons

Ok, who doesn’t love Spoons? No matter your mood, Spoons has the answers, or more specifically, Spoons has the best soup, sandwiches, and solutions when you want to know where to head for lunch. 

Best Campus Nap – The Oval

I can feel it now. The sun creeping through the treetops while the breeze blows through your hair, lulling you to sleep through the accompaniment of singing birds and passing people. 

Best Happy Hour – Fuzzy’s Tacos

With great deals, there is no better option for happy hour than Fuzzy’s Tacos. A staple of fun, good food and a great atmosphere, Fuzzy’s has become a trademark of fun in FOCO.

Best Live Music – The Aggie

Was this one really a surprise? The Aggie is a trademark location in Fort Collins for live music. Located in Old Town, The Aggie is always prepared to deliver fun and fantastic music.