Help is here for CSU faculty and staff

The year 2020 has been a tough year for everyone.  We may not all be in the same boat, but we are all weathering the same storm. Each individual’s needs may be similar to another’s, but they are just as diverse as the next. When any one of us has a question, concern, or need, the system can seem very complex. Although there are many resources for employees and students, the Classified Personnel Council would like to familiarize the campus community with one essential resource that can assist in navigating the storm based on your personal needs – the CARE Program.

What is it?

The program serves to connect employees to resources that best meet an individual’s needs inside and outside of Colorado State University.  The program offers confidential services on a wide range of topics. From Financial information, resources, and tools to information regarding work-life balance including, but not limited to, child/elder care, pet care, and other supportive services, plus more!

Who coordinates the program?

Emma Chavez, CSUs community resource coordinator, earned her master’s degrees in counseling and career development at Colorado State University. She serves as a liaison between employees and community resources.  Aside from directly working with employees, she maintains the care website at which provides a large list of benefits available to all employees at CSU.  She sends a monthly newsletter that connects employees to activities in the community and other campus information. To subscribe to the CARE Program Newsletter please email Emma at

Below is just a small list of what you might find on the CARE Program website:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps, is a federal entitlement program that helps individuals access food benefits. Colorado State University now has someone available to help you apply for SNAP remotely! For more information and to complete an eligibility screening and/or to fill out the application, contact: Or you can call us at 970-491-8051.

Emma has been working diligently to develop a robust list of resources related to COVID -19.  This includes both University resources available to the CSU community as well as resources available in the greater Northern Colorado community.  One such resource includes a toolkit of COVID-19 resources created by ComPsych where you can find a list of webinars, helpful guides, and tips to help you navigate this difficult time. All this information can be accessed here

The Cameron Peak Fire has also hit our beloved community hard. Recently, the East Troublesome Fire and additional fires near Boulder have affected many in our CSU community and beyond.  To help those affected by the fire, Emma has been able to develop a list of resources to those affected by the Cameron Peak Fire or other nearby wildfires.  This encompasses information like financial assistance, housing/shelter options for all (including large and small animals), plus other resources offered by Larimer County as well as United Way 2-1-1 help line. Details to access this information and more can be found here. 

How to Access the CARE Program?

Emma urges anyone that may need assistance of any kind to contact her. She will be happy to assist any employee in need of help regarding their personal situation.  She states that often employees come to her with one personal need, but that one need can be caused by multiple issues.  She can assist in connecting them to a resource that can assist with that one need, but also navigate through those other needs as well.

The Classified Personnel Council wishes you all a safe and happy holiday season, and encourages you to take advantage of the CARE program for your personal wellness needs.

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