CPC Needs You – Who We Are and Why It Matters

Have you wondered how you can get more involved at CSU as a State Classified employee? Have you thought about meeting new people and working with people from all over the CSU campus? Are you reading this and thinking you want to learn more?  Then you are not alone because many before you have answered the call and become a Classified Personnel Council member. 

The mission of the CPC is to promote, improve and protect the role of State Classified employees within the University. The Council advocates for employees on issues such as raises, parking, work-life balance, supervisor training, employee recognition, while also contributing to many of the university committees across campus.

CPC has six committees responsible for furthering the mission of the Council:

  • The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and acts on behalf of the Council between regular meetings.
  • The Communications Committee shares information about the Council, University and State Classified employees through various media channels including our newest Facebook page.
  • The Employee Recognition Committee oversees all aspects of Councils awards.
  • The Legislative Committee reviews and reports on legislation that may affect the University, and specifically those measures that could affect State Classified employees.
  • Responsible for visibility and engagement is the Employee Engagement and Experience who oversees the planning and execution of Council outreach and events, and finding ways to improve the work lives of employees.

Employee councils, like CPC, the Administrative Professionals Council (APC), and Faculty Council are the key elements in the practice of shared governance at Colorado State University, allowing us all to be active participants in changes taking place.

First Year CPC member, Eva, reflects on signing up and her first year.  “At first I was worried because I had only worked at CSU for one year and wasn’t sure how I could contribute but I attended a CPC meeting as a guest and I was hooked.  Members were friendly, encouraging and focused on creating a better environment for me and all state classified employees. In my first year I met many new people but more important for me, I have been able to collaborate and create resources that benefits employees as part of the Communications Committee.  Being able to share new ideas and employee concerns and know that my input is valued, is an amazing part of what makes CPC so great and the reason I would encourage others to join.”

Are you interested in getting involved yet? Then consider joining this March.  All State Classified employees who have been employed by CSU for at least one year are eligible for membership. There are also opportunities to volunteer with the council. For more information on becoming a CPC Representative and the self-nomination process, please visit the CPC website: https://cpc.colostate.edu/interested-in-joining-cpc.

If you want a better idea of what membership looks like, know that all CPC meetings are open to the public. This is a great opportunity to discover more of what we are all about. Meeting dates & times are located on the website http://cpc.colostate.edu. Hope to see you soon!  Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoStateUniversityCPC!