Campus trivia with Russ Schumacher December 2018

Nicole Sippy knew that military science has been part of Colorado State’s land-grant mission since its establishment in 1870. Reserve Officers’ Training Corps – ROTC – was added in 1919, and commissioning of new Army and Air Force officers is part of every CSU Commencement ceremony.

Nicole has worked in the business office of the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering for two years. DECEMBER TRIVIA WINNERThe 2002 Rocky Mountain High School graduate worked at an engineering firm in Denver for several years before returning to Fort Collins and CSU. She is also working toward her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Nicole said she plays trivia occasionally, but always reads the questions in CSU Life. “It’s fun to learn about different parts of campus, and some history about the University,” she said.

For having her answer chosen from all the correct answers submitted, Nicole received the coveted CAM the Ram bobblehead autographed by State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, the winningest Ram to ever appear on Jeopardy!, and a $20 gift card to Mugs Coffee Lounge.

The next issue of CSU Life will appear in February, so here’s something to think about over winter break.

This month’s question

Q. CSU has been a part of the annual National Western Stock Show in Denver through two world wars, economic downturns, and numerous blizzards; the show was canceled only once, in 1915 due to an epidemic of “hoof and mouth disease.” What competing event in January 1978 caused visitor attendance at the Stock Show to drop significantly?

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