Campus Trivia with Russ Schumacher

Tom Hickey has only been with CSU Police Department since April 2019, but he was curious about which building on campus was the first dormitory, so he looked it up. On the Morgan Library history site, he found that Spruce Hall was constructed in 1881 to attract more out-of-town students to Colorado Agricultural College. The oldest existing building on campus has a colorful history – the school’s first female professor actually served as Matron of the Hall, for example – and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

 In his role as assistant emergency coordinator, Hickey works with large-scale events on campus as well as with building proctors to update their building safety plans. Before joining the Ram Family, he spent 32 years in law enforcement in Michigan, retiring from the Ann Arbor force in 2017. He “retired” to Fort Collins, but came to CSU because “I actually like to work.” 

 For having his answer selected at random from all the correct answers submitted, Hickey received a special collection of swag celebrating CSU’s 150th anniversary, and a $20 gift certificate to the CSU Bookstore. (He received his major award at the Colorado Emergency Management conference in Loveland, where State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, the winningest Ram ever to appear on Jeopardy!, gave a presentation on severe weather  before autographing a sesquicentennial bandana.) 

 This month’s question is a two-part visual clue: 

  Where on campus is this plaque located today? Where was it originally located?

Email your answer to with March Trivia in the subject line by March 23.