Book Report: Redeeming Work, by Bryan Dik

In Redeeming Work: A Guide to Discovering God’s Calling for Your Career, CSU Professor Bryan Dik explores career development andthe science behind career decision-making and meaningful work.

When asked what inspired him to tell this story, he explained how in his career in counseling psychology, he and almost all faculty see studentswho struggle when deciding what path to take.Being a person of faith, he had been watchinghow the global faith and work movement hasbeen building up over time, all the while missinga key voice.

“I’ve followed this movement closely withinthe Christian community,” he stated. “It struckme how most of this conversation was unfolding without much awareness of the science of career development and meaningful work.”

The thought of writing a book sounds dauntingand Dik admitted that it was di cult, but alsosomething he felt compelled to do.

“When an author is overwhelmed by curiosityand passion for a particular topic, and driven bya sense that an important perspective needs to be shared that isn’t currently present within anongoing conversation, it creates a huge amount of motivation,” he explained.

This was the encouragement Dik needed totake on this extra project on top of his faculty responsibilities. All together, from start to finish, the book took two years to complete, and Dik said that if he felt a similar calling to a project in the future he would do it all again.

Integrated ideas

Additionally, these ideas have been integratedinto his work in multiple ways. The ideas
about the science of vocational psychology and evidence-based career counseling practice are topics that are already a part of his courses

at CSU. He also has worked to develop PathwayU, an online career assessment system, in partnership with jobZology, a company hefounded through CSU Ventures. It is used by many colleges in helping students set their path from recruitment to retirement.

But it all comes back to where the ideasstemmed, which is with the students.

“I am privileged to provide support for many students of faith who are grappling with howthey might forge an integrated path forward,recognizing their gifts and honoring their desireto pursue their callings as whole persons,” Dik explained.

His passion for helping those students find their way shows not only in his book and the programs he has helped develop, but also in the way he speaks about why this all came to be: a focus on finding a space for all and helping individuals succeed.

Redeeming Work : A Guide to Discovering God’s Calling for Your Career was published inJanuary and can be found at the CSU Bookstore.