Avery Martin: Leading the charge for a new style of media at CSU

Avery Martin is a profound example of not only what an excellent faculty member and student looks like, but he also embodies the transition of traditional media outlets to a more progressive approach.

Avery Martin graduated from Colorado State University in Spring 2020 and is now working at the University as a digital media strategist in the College of Health and Human Sciences. In an interview on Nov. 20, Martin alluded to his love of journalism and the media, stating that he “loves to tell people’s stories and hear about their background.” 

This can be seen in his newest podcast project within the College of Health and Human Sciences titled “Health and Human Science Matters” that will include 10 episodes in season one with a different faculty and staff member in each production. 

The episodes in this podcast will include representatives from the following departments: Construction Management, Design and Merchandising, Food Science and Human Nutrition, School of Education, School of Social Work, Human Development and Family Studies, Occupational Therapy, and Health and Exercise Sciences. This podcast is one of many examples that relate to Martin’s devotion toward storytelling and creating new modes of content. 

Martin said that “being in the role that I am, I really do have a lot of agency to steer where we go creatively.” Martin said that being a driving piece of creating the idea was unexpected, but he is making the most of his opportunity and loves being able to collaborate with others within the University to create an excellent final product.

Within the interview with Martin, there was an overwhelming sense of empathy and contrition toward those that he has worked with. He wants to represent those that he is speaking about well and works to create a lasting relationship that allows for both sides to have a voice, saying that “I want to be remembered as somebody that remembered them.” 

Martin’s approach is different from many in the mass media, residing within an innate desire to tell a story well and be thoughtful rather than being the first person to release the headline. This can be seen within his podcast and his overall tendency to remain empathetic in his work. Martin “wants to let people know that what they are doing is making a difference somehow.” This does not only resonate within his work, but in his life as well as he wants to be a “consummate collaborator, seeing myself as a facilitator that wants to get people to where they want to go too.” 

Martin’s goals are more abstract than many media members but his desires are true. Martin is a profound example of what a leader and proud CSU ram should look like. He views the future of the media in a way that is far more progressive, embodying a sense of storytelling that is predicated on conceiving a positive impact within the media that contains more than making money or creating the best headline. 

Martin has continued his time at CSU and his impact can already be seen. When speaking about CSU, Martin said that “CSU professors, faculty and staff have this level of respect for each other. We’re all going in the same direction so let’s help each other along.”

The eight-part podcast that Martin has worked on can be found on Spotify under the name “Health and Human Science Matters.”