APC focuses on development

The Colorado State University Administrative Professional Council (APC) aims to represent, give a voice to, and promote the interests of administrative professionals. Annual goals that fall under this mission include topics from salary and benefits, work-life integration, supervisory training, and consistent employee evaluations, to providing more professional development opportunities for employees. For the 2018-19 academic year, the APC executive committee members look forward to working with the council to continue making progress on existing goals.

“In reviewing the goals for this year, I was pleasantly surprised how many of the goals needed to be transitioned into next phases or maintenance status due to progress,” said APC Treasurer Jessica Hunter. “So often it can feel like you are spinning your wheels when trying to get things done, but it was great to see significant pieces moving forward.”

Council members have worked tirelessly on helping enable professional development opportunities for employees.

“It was great to see our goal of creating professional development opportunities for employees take off through our work with the Professional Development Award Committee,” said APC Chair Shannon Wagner. “I see this as another way we’re working to invest in our greatest asset on campus: our employees.”

Striving for salary increases continues to be a priority for the council, especially for employees in lower salary ranges.

“I am proud of the work APC has done in conjunction with the Living Wage Committee. The movement of our lowest paid employees to the $30,000 salary mark is a great example of ‘doing good things for good people,’ which is one of my personal goals for us as a council,” said Wagner.

Staff salaries and compensation are enduring topics of discussion, and are already underway across campus this semester.

The APC continues to grow the scope of its goals while also building on existing goals. APC will work diligently this year, as they do every year to make progress on their goals and improve the prosperity of administrative professionals around campus. “Overall, I’m looking forward to another great year working with the council on the updated goals we’ve set for ourselves,” said Wagner.