Zoom into mindfulness with two weekly series

The CSU Center for Mindfulness is offering two series of weekly sessions to help you navigate the stresses of the end of the year – or any time.

Mindful Mondays and Mindful Sleep are both six-week series of 45-minute sessions facilitated by Lauren Ziegler. If you cannot join a session in person, the Center for Mindfulness website  at mindfulness.colostate.edu has information on how to access replays of the recorded sessions.

Mindful Mondays

 Mindful Mondays are offered through Zoom Mondays at noon MST, Nov. 2 through Dec. 7. Go to the center’s website at mindfulness.colostate.edu/mindfulness-events/ for links to join the session. 

 Nov. 2 | Break Free From The Ties That Bind

Mindfulness allows us to see that our thoughts and emotions are just that—thoughts and emotions—not necessarily reality. They are therefore given less weight, they are observed, but not necessarily believed.

 Nov. 9 | Mindful Movement

In this session, we will explore various methods of mindful movement coordinated with breathing to soften the body, get things flowing and find some inner peace amid a chaotic world.

 Nov. 16 | Cultivating Gratitude

Gratitude is not a passive response to something we have been given. In this session we will practice gratitude because it grows by paying attention and being awake in the presence of everything.

 Nov. 23 | Meditation For Loneliness

This session is a guided meditation for loneliness. Loneliness can be a prison, a place from which we look out at a world we cannot inhabit, an aching feeling. But it is also the very state from which arises courage to continue calling. 

 Nov. 30 | Working With Physical Pain

Lauren will share her experience, knowledge passed down, and expertise in how to navigate physical pain in mindfulness practice.

Dec. 7 | The Joy Of Self-Compassion

We know that self-compassion helps lessen the hold of negative emotions, but it’s important to remember the joy, pleasure and love that comes from being a more self-compassionate person.

 Mindful Sleep

 The Mindful Sleep sessions will be offered through Zoom Wednesdays at noon MST, Nov.4 through Dec. 9. Go to the center’s website at mindfulness.colostate.edu/mindfulness-events/ for links to join the session. 

Nov. 4 | Start Sleeping Better

We quite naturally think that if we sleep less, we will be able to get more done, but the brain needs eight hours. By being well-rested, we are better able to respond to the demands of our lives with intelligence.

Nov. 11 | Falling Asleep Swiftly

In this session, learn to speed up the process of falling asleep intentionally and naturally by systematically preparing your nervous system for sleep.

 Nov. 18 | Relearning To Fall Back Asleep

Do you sometimes wake up and have a hard time falling back into slumber before your mind gets active? In this session, learn how waking up in the night is OK and how to help yourself fall back asleep.

Nov. 25 | Clear Your Mind, Go To Sleep

Do you sometimes struggle to make peace with the day and leave it for tomorrow? You don’t have to cage the monkey mind to get to sleep. Learn a way to work with your busy mind to get incredible sleep.

 Dec. 2| Wind Down Into Sleep

Wind down and calm the tension and hyperactivity. Listen to this guided meditation and let the process guide you to release and relax body and mind.

 Dec. 9 | Tools for Insomnia

This session shows you how to get the sweet release of falling asleep, and it will help you cultivate relaxed attentiveness and a pathway to ease-filled sleep.