Year in Review at CSU

A look back by editor Ethan Dvorak

This past year at Colorado State University has been special, and CSU Life is here to help you remember it all.

Throughout the year, CSU was able to kick off a myriad of exciting programs and memorable events. 

Beginning in September, with the new year fresh on the horizon, we celebrated Temple Grandin with a rather grand statue. Right outside of the Animal Sciences Building, Grandin is solidified as an example of perseverance and inspiration. 

This notion of what exemplary Rams look like was also supported by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, working to exemplify CSU’s profound initiatives. 

Initial warm weather brought out the best of CSU during homecoming weekend where Rams of all generations came together in a weekend celebration.

Moving toward Halloween, CANS Around The Oval was anything but scary. Hard workers at CSU were able to support the community and exceed monetary goals, further showing that Rams take care of Rams.

Finishing out the semester strong, CSU basketball was on top of the world. It seemed like every opponent coming to our sold out Moby Arena knew what was about to happen. CSU was holding down the fort. 

With a fresh semester comes exciting developments. On Jan. 7, CSU Spur opened in Denver as a year-round educational destination where individuals have the chance to come learn about water, food and health. This opening is just the beginning into great initiatives and resources for Rams to make the world a better place.

For Black History Month, CSU students, faculty and staff celebrated with themes of inclusiveness, working to unite the Diaspora. We were treated to great performances and informational excellence. 

Things at CSU changed around this time also. The mask mandate was lifted in February and for the first time in a year and a half, CSU students, faculty and staff were able to see each other’s beaming smiles in person. While it is always important to stress safety and remain vigilant in unpredictable times, this was a move toward the direction of normalcy on campus and across the world.

March was perhaps the most important month for CSU and an unforgettable one at that.

On March 1, CSU launched the Courageous Strategic Transformation Plan, building on CSU’s history and looking toward the future. President Joyce McConnell said: “In that bold new future, Colorado State University will lead the world in creating solutions to global climate change, health, agriculture, and economic, environmental, and social sustainability, while remaining a devoted and adept caretaker of our state.”

Even though March Madness did not end how we all had hoped, CSU can look back at the season and be proud of all that has been accomplished. We made a name for ourselves across the nation and became a feared basketball school.

One of the highlights nearing the end of the year was the Best Teacher Awards, where CSU teachers were highlighted for their excellence in the classroom and around the world. This was a great reminder and acknowledgement of the extraordinary work that our teachers do every year and just how lucky CSU is to have such bright and curious minds in the University. 

A year would not be complete without celebrating our planet. For CSU, April is a profound reminder of the efforts that are required to keep the planet we love as sustainable and beautiful as possible. CSU also earned STARS Platinum rating for sustainability for a record third consecutive year. This collective effort toward sustainability has truly become a staple of our University. 

Looking back now at the last year at CSU, one thing is clear: Our effort to improve each and every year is what makes Colorado State such a great place to be. CSU prides itself on excellence and the results are synonymous with this sentiment. We can be proud of the programs we created to help our community and the work we have done across the world. We can be proud of our concerted efforts toward building inclusivity and sustainable environments. But most of all, we are all proud to be a CSU Ram.