What is the Administrative Professional Council?

The Administrative Professional Council is the advocate for all administrative professionals at CSU, we are composed of 15 areas with 41 elected representatives serving as your voice.

The APC has also shared governance that works closely with the Classi ed Personnel Council and Faculty Council. Our dedicated members meet on the second Monday of every month for discussion, researching, and making recommendations regarding employment and the welfare of APs.

The APC welcomes your attendance as a way to remain in touch with university governance issues or to share your concerns. The Administrative Professional Council has several standing committees where the work of the APC is accomplished. Membership of the standing committees is not restricted to APC members (except for the Executive Committee).

This year the APC has created new committees to better represent our AP needs on campus.

• Executive Committee — Accepts items of business to bring before APC, determine the appropriateness of items of business to be brought before APC, and act for APC between regular meetings.

• AP Experience (new) — Works within the APC and with other units on campus to advocate for equity and consistent employee evaluations, onboarding best practices, and exit interviews.

• Awards & Events — Is responsible for suggesting and reviewing awards for APs and for overseeing the management of awards.

• Communications — Is responsible for recommending platforms to APC for use in compiling and disseminating information about APC to various audiences.

• Equity & Social Justice (new) —Examines structures and processes within the APC to identify the shifts that could be made to be more inclusive, providing more diverse voices to be heard and therefore allowing APC to more fully represent the AP employees across campus.

• Nomination and Elections — Is responsible for soliciting nominations for and the election of the membership to APC as well as the nomination and election of o cers.

• Policies & Procedures — Considers policies and procedures that a ect APs and make recommendations to APC.

• Service & Engagement (new) — Works to help connect the APC and APs across campus with service opportunities throughout the year.

Interested in attending a meeting or joining a standing committee? Contact the executive team via email apc@colostate.edu today!

Want to know who is serving as your area representative? Check out our current member page: ap.colostate.edu/members.

Administrative Professional Council