Visiting CSU Spur in Denver? Here’s what to expect


Colorado State University has continued to grow their footprint and their latest attempt to do so was shown in their unveiling of the CSU Spur.

The first building included in CSU Spur opened this January in Denver located right on the grounds of the National Western Center. It is a public, free, year-round educational destination where anyone can go to learn more about water, food and health.

The growth of this Denver location doesn’t stop at this building. The Terra building, which will focus on food and agriculture, is opening in April and the Hydro building, which will focus on water, will open in November. The Vida building, open now, is dedicated to the study of animal and human health.

When you walk in, you are thrown into an immersive educational experience like you’ve never seen before. A 9-foot interactive kitten greets you at the door and as you walk through the exhibits, your mind seems to be captivated with interest.

You can observe equine athletes build their strength by walking on underwater treadmills. Watch the Dumb Friends League Veterinary Hospital perform surgery on dogs and cats. With the interactive monitors positioned throughout the building, you can learn all you want and more about dogs, cats and horses.

If there is a specific day you are wanting to head down there, don’t forget to look up the schedule for that day. Each day they have different things scheduled. Different workshops or virtual reality demonstrations can all be experienced when you visit the Spur.

It’s a great place to bring the family to learn more about different animals, humans and sciences that go into caring for them. If you know someone interested in the veterinarian sciences, this place is a dream come true. They will be able to watch live surgeries of cats and dogs and speak to the veterinarians after. They have interactive “see what the vet sees” monitors so you can see the anatomical makeup of horses, cats and dogs.

If you have an equine fanatic in your life, take them to meet the seven horses they have on site. While you’re at it, watch the horses assist with human therapy sessions. Even if the health, food and water aspect of the Spur doesn’t interest you, be sure to check out their one-of-a-kind art created by different artists around the globe. Everyone will be able to find something that captures their interest while visiting the Spur buildings.

It seemed to be like an interactive museum, dedicated to getting people to explore more about animal and human health. Once all the buildings are open, Spur will have something for all interests and all ages: laboratory, veterinary clinic, art studio, and garden.

Be sure to take a day to go visit and open your mind to a completely interactive experience that you have never seen before. For more information, visit