Update on the test drilling on the intramural fields for geothermal project

Many are aware of the exciting new project, GeoX, that involves test drilling on the intramural fields. The project which has been in the planning stages for nearly a decade is finally taking off. Carol Dollard, energy engineer with Facilities Management, provided an update on the project and what we will see beginning to happen this spring and summer. 

The purpose of the project is going to be to achieve geothermal heating and cooling inside Moby. As of right now they are beginning to do work inside of the building, pipes are being installed and they are demoing out some of the equipment that will be replaced.  

The biggest changes that will be seen will come after commencement. Drilling rigs (6 of them) will appear late May in the IM field,” Dollard explained. Not to worry though, all aspects of the wellfield will be underground and not interfere with the fields. The fields will be out of commission for a while but will be restored in even better quality than before once this part of the project is complete.  

If all goes well, we will be seeing geothermal energy at work in that arena by end of 2020. Work will then continue on to Meridian Village, the new student housing being built. That building will also be a part of the GeoX project, work on that sections will continue into 2021.