State Classified Commuters

The Classified Personnel Council (CPC) works to address many issues which affect classified employees at Colorado State University. One issue on everyone’s mind is how we commute to and from work. Research shows how you get to work and how long you spend doing that can have major implications for your financial situation, health, and overall happiness, not to mention the environment! Luckily, Aaron Fodge and his team in the Alternative Transportation division of Colorado State University Parking and Transportation Services are here to help.

According to data collected by Fodge’s group, only 69 percent of State Classified employees live within Fort Collins city limits, making up the largest employee group which does not live near campus; in contrast, 76 percent of administrative professionals and 86 percent of faculty live in Fort Collins. Additionally, the group found 79 percent of State Classified employees report driving a personal vehicle as their primary mode of transportation and 57 percent of those employees have no secondary mode of transport to campus – a secondary mode of transportation could

include taking public transportation, biking, or carpooling. Besides driving a personal vehicle, 7 percent of State Classified employees bike to work while another7 percent ride the bus; although these modes of transport may not work for everyone, room for growth in these areas does exist and these opportunities may be worth exploring for many folks.

To help employees address these issues, the Alternative Transportation team can host a number of travel training events within your department and with your work teams to discuss finding items such as transit routes, bike routes, carpooling/vanpooling for shift workers, as well as bike/car share options.

Although alternative transportation is a great way to go, it is not always realistic. Therefore, Parking and Transportation Services also offers a commuter 10-pack: If you forgo an annual parking permit, you are eligible to purchase a 10 pack of daily hang-tag permits for the price of 9 ($108) once per semester (summer is considered a semester for a total of three times per year). These packs must be purchased from

Parking and Transportation Services in the Lake Street Garage.

The beginning of fall marks the start of a new year for many of us here on campus. This new beginning also makes a great occasion to take a second look at how you are getting to and from work. The team in Alternative Transportation are here to help you create a plan for this necessary part of working on campus no matter which mode you choose. To find out more, the CPC encourages you to contact Aaron Buckley at aaron.