Safety First: Traveling this holiday season

For many people, holidays mean travel, whether to see family, friends, or just get away for a bit. This year, however, those plans may be looking a little different. If you are still traveling this holiday season. there are some great ways to protect yourself and stay healthy.

If you have symptoms, have been around someone who has had COVID-19, or are at higher risk the CDC recommends delaying travel.  

If traveling by plane     

  • If possible, bring your own water and food.          
  • Unless an emergency, avoid using the bathroom on the plane.
  • Wear your mask for the entire duration of the flight.
  • If available through your airline, use online contactless check-in.
  • When waiting at your gate, try to keep a safe distance from other passengers.                                       

If traveling by car 

  • Wipe down car frequently with disinfectant wipes.
  • Wear a mask and keep 6 feet apart when stopping at rest stops or any public places.
  • Bring your own snacks and water. 
  • After fueling up at a gas pump, use hand sanitizer 

For more information on travel safety visit these sites: