Rams on the Street: What are you doing over Winter Break?

This winter break will be unusually long at CSU – about 6 weeks between the end of Fall semester on Dec. 14 and the beginning of Spring semester on Jan. 22. Although some staff will be working some of the break, here’s how others will be spending their winter breaks:

Jennifer KrafchickJennifer Krafchick

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, University Honors Program

“We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, so we incorporate aspects of both of those holidays into our celebrations – that’s always been a nice practice in our family. After we do the mayhem in the morning on Christmas day, we pile into the car and go out for some nature experience. We’ll either go up into the mountains and do a little hike, or go to Horsetooth and do a walk, to enjoy nature and be together and not be distracted by all the ‘stuff .’ We are able to really enjoy each other’s company before we’re focusing on food, gifts, or other people, so we can focus on ourselves to carve out some special family time.”

Michael Buttram

Michael ButtramProgram Coordinator for Community Engagement Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement

“I’ll be heading down to my parents’ home – I was raised in New Mexico. In the typical New Mexican tradition, we’ll head out and do las pozadas, eat tamales; on New Year’s Eve we’ll have pozole, all things as lifelong New Mexicans we have absorbed from Mexican traditions. We always go out and play soccer after Christmas dinner, and we typically go to White Sands with our snowboards during the holiday season, even in the desert. We’ll sit around and do Christmas carols as I strum a few guitar chords, and we’ll drink plenty of eggnog. It’ll be a time of cheer and fun.”

Jose Chavez

Jose ChavezAssociate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

“My winter break plans are to travel to Bolivia to visit my mother and spend Christmas and have quality time together. I am planning on taking her on a trip through Eastern Bolivia where there are a number of pristine natural parks and many churches and museums. I will visit my parents in-law in southern Bolivia (Tarija) and I will most likely be with them for New Year’s Eve. During winter break, the family tradition is to spend more time together and with friends. This year, we hope to gather many many great memories during our family trip to Bolivia to visit our extended family and old friends.”