KRNC offers 50 percent off services to CSU employees

Thanks to Commitment to Campus, CSU employees receive a 50 percent discount on services at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center, including nutrition counseling appointments, diet analysis, resting metabolic rate testing and body composition measurements. 

Schedule private consultations with registered dietitian nutritionists to get a personalized nutrition plan tailored to you and your goals. The master’s-level dietitians specialize in:

• Weight loss
• Mindful & intuitive eating
• Diabetes prevention & management
• Heart health
• Food allergies & sensitivities
• Digestive health
• Disordered eating
• Pregnancy & breastfeeding
•Sports nutrition
and more.

KRNC serves clients in the new CSU Health and Medical Center at 151 W. Lake St. This building includes free parking and is conveniently located right off the MAX at the Prospect Station.

For more information and pricing, call 970-495 5916, email, or visit the website.