Important information for State Classified Employees on parental leave

Becoming a parent is a beautiful, transformative event that brings much joy to many people’s lives every day. For professionals, time away from the workplace to bond with family is essential in the process of welcoming a new child or children. Luckily, Colorado State University recognizes the support parents and children need during this time and as a State Classified Employee, you likely qualify for Parental Leave. 

As of July 1, 2019, State Classified monthly salaried employees, with an appointment of half-time or greater, are eligible to apply for parental leave pending they are in regular, paid employment status. 

Human Resources defines a parent as the child’s mother/father, or the spouse, domestic partner or civil union partner of either at the time the leave period begins. For the purposes of this policy, HR explains an employee becomes a parent of a child at the time of the child’s birth or adoption.

The parental leave for State classified staff includes three work weeks of paid time off for the purpose of caring for and bonding with the child. These three weeks are in addition to the employee’s accrued sick and annual leave as well as any shortterm disability benefits to which the birth parent may be entitled. 

This leave must be taken within the first 12 months following the adoption or date of birth; additionally, the leave must be used in one continuous three-week block. One limitation, however, is parental leave may not be used to meet the 30-day waiting period for shortterm disability benefits. 

Human Resources recommends meeting with your supervisor and department HR liaison to discuss options for taking parental leave, including the timing and duration of the leave. The department HR liaison will then complete the parental leave application and submit it to HR for approval.   

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