Get outside and get your dog moving: April is Canine Fitness Month

Founded by FitPaws, Canine Fitness Month encourages dog parents to exercise and bond with their furry family members.

Helping your dog get enough activity is an essential component of maintaining their physical health.

Whether you decide to take a stroll around City Park or a run around The Oval, the main priority is getting your dog to be active. Plus, it will even get you out of the house more. 

It has been a long winter in Colorado, but the sun is beginning to creep out from the clouds. If the sun could talk, it would tell you to take your dog on more walks. 

Not only is it essential for their physical well-being, maintaining an active lifestyle for our furry companions is imperative for their own state of mind.

If you are a dog owner, take this month to get your dog outside and enjoy the sun! If you love seeing your dog happy and want them to live a long life with plenty of tail wagging, take this month to get them active. It’s a treat for them as much as it is for you.

Best dog parks in Fort Collins

  • Spring Canyon Dog Park.
  • Soft Gold Dog Park.
  • Fossil Creek Dog Park.
  • Woodwest Park.
  • Prairie Dog Meadow Natural Area.

Best hiking/walking for your dog in Fort Collins

  • Poudre River Trail.
  • Horsetooth Reservoir.
  • City Park.
  • Arhur’s Rock to Howard Trail Loop.
  • South Ridge and Audra Culver.