Foco Café Giving Tree program is from the community, for the community

As Christmas season begins, Giving Trees are organized in many different shops to aid the community during the holiday season. The Foco Café, located in northern Fort Collins, is a bit different than most giving trees. 

The Giving Tree, which has been at the Café since February 2016, is accessible the entire year, instead of only Christmas season.

The essence of the giving tree Giving Tree concept is about being able to give back what you can. This program also accepts donations from the public to better help those in need, during the entire year. 

Outside of the Foco Café, the Giving Tree resembles a green box that is available from 9 am to 2 pm Monday through Saturday. The box is located outside the restaurant and open to anyone.

It has items such as clothing, shoes, gloves, and other goods that are essential. 

In addition to the “Giving Tree” box there is a Kindness Cupboard open 24/7 for nonperishable items. Again, located outside the restaurant and available to anyone.

The donations will be open to anyone and can be dropped off outside of the Foco Café 9am to 2pm Monday through Saturday. 

It is run by the community, who donates and furnishes it for people in need. It was also an idea suggested by a volunteer, which only highlights the community’s involvement in it. 

Dexter Beasley, operations manager at the Café, said “the main goal is to provide vital supplies to those who need them — whether they are experiencing homelessness, poverty, or other financial hardships. We believe that all humans should have the right to be clothed and fed regardless of the ability to pay monetarily.”

This program’s impact centers on making clothes, hygiene products (which are systematically restocked), shoes, and other essential items for people in need. As a community-driven resource, it also allows everyone to help directly to the population that needs it most.

It is quite easy to participate in the Giving Tree. People can either “sponsor a branch” with Paypal or Colorado Gives, or donate to the Foco Cafe, in their donation box or by mail. For example, $15 per month in donations are required for the Giving Tree program to have enough shoelaces. 

According to Dexter, this program is important because people don’t always realize that the items they don’t need can be given to others, instead of thrown away. It is essential to have a way to give those items to those who need them. With the Giving Tree, we have a solution that can make a significant difference. 

The Foco Café is the first nonprofit, volunteer-driven restaurant in the city. Its mission is to build community by making food affordable to anyone in the city, regardless of their financial means. 

Their initiative can be seen through their motto: If you can give more, please pay it forward. If you have a little less, pay what you can.”

Additionally, those who cannot afford to eat at all can volunteer at the Foco Café in exchange for their meal. The restaurant’s values state that: Every human innately has dignity and should be treated as such. Every duty, volunteer or otherwise, has value.”

For more information on the Foco Café and how you can help, visit