CSU staff marches on MLK Day

CSU Staff at MLK Day March
CSU Communication Studies faculty and staff at the MLK Day March. (left Carol Busch, front right Eric Aoki)

Carol Busch 

Alumni Communications and Development Coordinator, Communication Studies

“The MLK March from Old Town Square to CSU has become my favorite community event. I love gathering with community members to remember and reflect on the lessons, beauty, and necessity of inclusion and diversity that Martin Luther King, Jr. brought into the light of our country’s darkened eyes. The messages ring true as ever, and I fear they always will.

While I have primarily attended the march to raise awareness about the ACT Human Rights Film Festival, the event has become an opportunity for me to acknowledge the many privileges that have allowed me to flourish in our society. I am grateful that my work at Colorado State University has given me the space to change, grow, reflect, and share voices and stories from around the world.”

Eric Aoki

Professor, Communication Studies

“Attending the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. annual march made for a wonderful day of historical reflection and community engagement. As we listened to community leaders discuss the land and indigenous histories of the path we were about to march on from Old Town, Fort Collins to the Colorado State University campus, the speakers took time to thank cultural ancestors and influential leaders, like Dr. King, who have helped guide the socio-cultural paths of peace, unity, equity, and equality. 

The MLK, Jr. March was a wonderful day of walking alongside my Communication Studies students, staff, and faculty, a department I am very fortunate to be part of on campus, as well as marching alongside with the larger CSU campus and Fort Collins community.”