CSU Life Trivia Winner for February

Dr. Kathlene Waller is a history buff – both Fort Collins and CSU – but still had to Google around to find the exact year when Colorado Agricultural College fielded its first football team. The inaugural season in 1893 ended with a record of 3-5 for the Aggies, but don’t blame the head coach: There’s wasn’t one until the following year. 

Waller, the medical director of the CSU Health Network, is such a local history buff that she has also authored a children’s book about Fort Collins’ historic Birney the Streetcar, with illustrations by her husband, Kevin Mabry. 

Waller has been with CSU for 30 years, after receiving her M.D. from the University of Iowa. With her background in public health, she will be very busy helping the Health and Medical Center staff cope with the potential for viral illnesses on campus this season.  

For having her answer chosen at random from all the correct submissions, Waller received a special collection of sesquicentennial-themed swag, including a bandana autographed by State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, the winningest Ram to ever appear on Jeopardy!  

Feb. 11 marks CSU’s founding 150 years ago. This month’s question goes back almost that far. 

  1. The first academic building at Colorado Agricultural College was known as Old Main when it burned down in CSU’s centennial year. What building, now the oldest existing building on campus (and still in use), was constructed as the first student residence hall?  

 Email your answer to csulife@colostate.edu with February Trivia in the subject line by Feb. 19. Good luck!