CSU affiliates to showcase work at local Artist Studio Tour & Sale

Paint Brushes

When one is affiliated with Colorado State University, they are not only linked to the University, but to the City of Fort Collins as well. On Oct. 23 and 24, artists from around the community and CSU will be given the opportunity to showcase their work in the Fort Collins Artist Studio Tour and Sale.

This tour is self-guided and free to the public as visitors can use a virtual pamphlet to begin their venture. Located in 30 different homes and studios of local artists, this immersive tour allows for lovers of the arts to journey through a completely different experience and appreciate not only the phenomenal work that will be showcased throughout, but the process and creativity of the artists as well.

Among those that will be showcased on the studio tour is the Blue Moose Art Gallery, which will be the first-ever gallery to be on the tour. Several CSU affiliates, such as Beatrice Rudolph, Ruth Hand and Judy Scherpelz will showcase their work at this location. Within the gallery itself, everything from unique art, gift wrapping and custom framing will be displayed. The Blue Moose Art Gallery, along with the studios on the tour, are spectacular in the diversity of work that will be presented as well as the presentations from local artists during the event.

This alternate approach to viewing and purchasing art allows one to grasp the process behind the work and develop a great appreciation for local artists. Art has the ability to convey complex messages and create images that have subjective and various meanings. Being able to view the studios where artists create their work develops a sense of intimacy between the public and the artists themselves. Walking away from the tour, it will be apparent how much creativity, or madness, goes into the final product.

The Fort Collins Artist Studio Tour will be presented by the City of Fort Collins’ Cultural Services Department and also include educational displays where visitors will be able to directly meet the artists and ask any questions they may have. On the tour, visitors will be able to learn about how and where pottery, jewelry, photography, painting, fiber arts and more are created from CSU affiliates and local artists. This event also works as a fundraiser for the City of Fort Collins Visual Arts Program.

The tour will be open on Saturday, Oct. 23, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Oct.24, 12-5pm. Visitors of the tour will appreciate the incredible work that local artists and CSU affiliates have volunteered to present in this all-in-one journey through the galleries and studios of this immersive and self-guided experience.