CPC seeking nominations employee awards

The Colorado State University Classi ed Personnel Council is seekingnominations and applications for the following employee award.

Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Recognizes meritorious and outstanding achievement in job skills or service to the university by state classi ed employees; up to ve awards are granted each year, which consist of a plaque, an award of $1,000 and special recognition at the Celebrate! Colorado State University Awards Ceremony and Classi ed Personnel Council RecognitionLuncheon.
  • Nomination deadline: Friday, Feb. 14, 2020
  • How to nominate: Visit the Outstanding Achievement Awardwebpage to ll out and submit a nomination form at cpc.colostate. edu/annual-cpc-awards/outstanding-achievement- award/.

    Positive Action Award

  • Recognizes employees or groups that have made a signi cant contribution to CSU state classi ed employees through systemic change; systemic change is de ned as the establishment of policies orprocedures that create a more supportive work environment.
  • Nomination deadline: Friday, Feb. 14, 2020
  • How to nominate: Visit the Positive Action Award webpage to ll out and submit a nomination form at cpc.colostate.edu/annual-cpc- awards/positive-action-award/.

    Every Day Hero Award

    • Everyday Hero is an ongoing special program sponsored by the

CPC to recognize day-to-day achievement of CSU employees. This recognition is open to ALL employee classi cations (state classi ed, administrative professionals, and faculty members).

• Nominations ask for a description of one special incident oroutstanding day-to-day exemplary job performance that makes this CSU employee worthy of recognition. Include speci c details about why your Everyday Hero deserves this honor.

• How to nominate: Visit the Every Day Hero Award webpage to llout and submit a nomination form at cpc.colostate.edu/annual- cpc-awards/everyday-hero-award/.

Award winners

The Classi ed Personnel Council is also pleased to announce the winners of the Educational Assistance Award.

• Congratulations go out to Jan Lee Cordova, Amanda Farmer, Valerie Lewis, Barbara Risheill and Kate Sherman for earning the Spring 2020 Educational Assistance Award.

• This donor-funded award was established in late 2008, with the rst awards given in 2009, to assist state classi ed employees seeking
to advance in their jobs and careers. Employees may use theEducational Assistance Award to meet any need associated with furthering their education, such as tuition, books, childcare expenses and gas for traveling to/from class. Awards are determined by the number of donations received. From 2009-2012, the $300/recipient award was given once a year. Starting in 2013, awards were given twice a year in the amount of $500/recipient.

• How to donate to the award: Visit the Educational Assistance Awardwebpage and select Donations at https://cpc.colostate.edu/ annual-cpc-awards/educational-assistance/#Fall