Celebrate Black history: CSU hosting variety of events for Black History Month

The Black/African American Cultural Center has numerous events planned throughout February to celebrate Black History Month at Colorado State University. This year’s theme is “Reclamation,” the process of claiming something back, or of reasserting a right.Black History Month 2019

“We still suffer from a colonized reality, a history that has erased our blackness and pushed us to the margins,” according to an announcement from the B/AACC. “We know who took it, how and why, and we must reclaim our identity as black individuals of African descent. We will present our own truths. We will be precise. We invite you to learn and listen.”

Events will include the Black History Month Kick Off, the Real Talk Series, the “Being Black and …” series and keynote speakers throughout the month. Visit the B/AACC website for more details.


Feb. 1 – Black History Month Kick Off, 4 p.m., LSC Theater

Feb. 4 – How to Dress for Success and to Impress with NSBE, 5:15 p.m., Scott Bioengineering 231

Feb. 5 – Real Talk Series, Shut Up and Play, 4 p.m., LSC 335

Feb. 6 – Keynote speaker Simone (Sloan) Ross, Shaking Things Up, and Owning My Seat, 6:30 p.m., LSC 308

Feb. 7 – “Being Black and …” series: STEM, 4 p.m., LSC 324

Feb. 10 – UWC Hair Show: Reclaiming What Has Always Been Ours, 4 p.m., LSC Theater

Feb. 12 – Real Talk Series, The Validity of Reclaiming the N Word, 4 p.m., LSC 335

Feb. 13 – Black Friday Staff Luncheon, noon, LSC Grey Rock Room, invite only, RSVP required

BSA Presents, Sex for Chocolate, 5:30 p.m., LSC 300

Feb. 14 – “Being Black and …” series: Fatigued, A Conversation on Mental Health, 4 p.m., LSC 324

Feb. 16 – Bring the Culture, Hip-Hop Explosion Step Show, 6 p.m., LSC Theater

Feb. 18 – NPHC Meet the Greeks, 6 p.m., LSC 382

Feb. 19 – Real Talk Series, New Age Activism, 4 p.m., LSC 335

Keynote speaker Eric Thomas, 6 p.m., LSC Ballroom D

Feb. 21 – Lunch in Aspen Grille, 11 a.m., RSVP Required (970) 491-7006

“Being Black and …” series: A Student Activist, 4 p.m., LSC 324

Feb. 22 – Lunch in Aspen Grille, 11 a.m., RSVP required, $13 plus gratuity (970) 491-7006

Feb. 26 – Real Talk Series, Connections to Africa: 4 p.m., LSC 335

Feb. 27 – Movie Night: To be announced, 7 p.m., LSC 335

Feb. 28 – “Being Black and …” series: Enough: Intersecting Identities, 4 p.m., LSC 324