Campus Trivia without Russ Schumacher

Scott Wiebensohn had a definite advantage in knowing the answer to the March campus trivia question: He works as a librarian at Morgan Library, where the cornerstone recovered from the ruins of Old Main is now embedded in the wall next to the main entrance. A time capsule from the foundation of the first permanent building on the CSU campus was also salvaged after the 1970 fire, and the contents – including newspapers from 1878, minerals, vials of grain, and the Colorado Legislative Manual – are now housed in the University Archives in the library. 

 But Wiebensohn, who has worked at CSU for two years, said he had just helped a library patron find the answer to a similar question, so it was fresh in his mind. He describes his job as a modern-day librarian this way: If information is a jungle, the internet would be the Rick Steves tourist guidebook, but unfortunately written by a person who has never been to the jungle.  A librarian is the local guide who has lived in the jungle all their life, who would get you through that jungle safely, and most importantly, use the most efficient route while pointing out anything you would want to know along the way. 

 Wiebensohn said that since library services are still available to faculty, staff and students 24/7 while the campus is operating virtually, he is still providing customer service to patrons, albeit from a remote location. 

 For having his selected at random from all the correct answers submitted, Wiebensohn will receive a collection of special sesquicentennial-themed swag, including a bandana autographed by State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, the winningest Ram to ever appear on Jeopardy!, and a $25 gift certificate to the CSU Bookstore. This major award will be presented as soon as the physical Morgan Library reopens. 

 This month’s question looks back to a previous pandemic. 

 1.When was the last time campus was closed to combat the spread of a contagious disease – and what was the disease?

 Email your answer to by April 30 with April Trivia in the subject line. 

The Morgan Library is available 24/7 via email, text 970-497-3112, and live chat