Campus Trivia with Russ Schumacher October 2018

Russ and Carol Carroll

Carol Carroll has lived in Fort Collins since 1967, and vividly remembers the 1971 hailstorm that produced the largest hailstone ever recorded in Larimer County – 4.5 inches in diameter, which is tied with the largest hailstones recorded anywhere in Colorado, well within softball size.

“I parked my little green Vega under the trees on Shields Street and hoped for the best,” she said.

Carol is Capital Construction Finance Supervisor in Facilities Management, where she has been during the past 10 years – one of the busiest times in University history for capital construction, and accounting for it. She has been with CSU for 29 years, and is a longtime member of the Classified Personnel Council. And, as part of Facilities Management, she has her assigned sidewalks to shovel when snow hits campus.

For the record, the largest hailstone ever recorded in the U.S. – 8 inches in diameter – fell in July 2010 in Vivian, S.D., coincidentally the state where Carol was born.

For having her answer drawn at random from all the correct answers submitted, Carol received a CAM the Ram bobblehead autographed by State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, who is also the winningest Ram to ever appear on Jeopardy!, and a $10 gift certificate to Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Next month’s question has a visual clue:

Atomic sculpture

Q.: Where on campus would you find this piece of artwork? Extra points if you can identify the element it represents.

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