Campus Trivia with Russ Schumacher March 2019

Dyaln Radford and Russ Schumacher

Dylan Radford started working for CSU’s Human Resources department just three months ago, so the February issue of CSU Life was the first one he saw. But the 2015 Health and Exercise Science grad Googled around and came up with the answer to the Campus Trivia question: Roy Green was the first CSU president to live in the home at the corner of Laurel and Shields streets.

Actually, four presidents occupied the home between 1946, when it was purchased by Colorado A&M, and 1979, when the surrounding acreage was sold for fraternity and sorority houses, so everyone who submitted President A.R. Chamberlain also had the correct answer. Dylan was lucky enough to have his answer selected at random by CSU Life staff.

That’s why he received the coveted CAM the Ram bobblehead, autographed by State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, the winningest Ram to even appear on Jeopardy!. And starting this month, CAM comes with a $20 gift certificate to the CSU Bookstore. A sincere CSU Life thank you to Director John Parry for generously providing this part of Campus Trivia’s major award.

March means college basketball madness, so this month’s question is about a historic moment in Rams sports.

Q. Fifty years ago, the CSU men’s basketball team went farther in the NCAA Tournament than any Rams before or since. In what round did the team appear before bowing out of March Madness in 1969?

Email your response to with March Trivia in the subject line by March 25. Good luck!