Campus Trivia with Russ Schumacher April 2018

Amber Riley usually plays CSU Life Campus Trivia when she knows the answer off the top of her head, but this month she had to look up when William Gray and the Tropical Meteorological Project at CSU published the first seasonal hurricane forecast – May 24, 1984.

Amber, executive assistant for the Department of Internal Auditing for the CSU System, has been with the University for 7 years, and came from the City of Fort Collins Utilities. She said since having her two boys, most of her trivia playing has been on her phone – she and her husband challenge each other on Trivia Crack.

While Internal Auditing reports to the Board of Governors and the Chancellor, to provide independent review and analysis of the effectiveness of controls and operations throughout the organization, the offices are on campus in Johnson Hall. Amber said she really enjoys working on the Oval and helping the department achieve its goals.

For having her answer chosen at random from all the correct answers submitted, Amber received the coveted CAM the Ram bobblehead autographed by State Climatologist Russ Schumacher, the winningest Ram ever to appear on Jeopardy! – and a $20 gift card to Mugs Coffee Lounge, good at either location.

And that wraps up another year of trivia. Have a good summer, and watch for more in the next issue of CSU Life in September.