Backbone of CSU: Meet the Office of Admissions

It’s always a busy time of year at the CSU O ce of Admissions, always something going on, always a question to be answered or a phone call to be returned. Despite the busy days and heavy workloads, no one complains. In fact, after talking to Director Heather Daniels, it sounds like everyone reallyenjoys it.

The office processes applications throughout the year with deadlines in December, February, May, and June. For fall semester 2019 alone, the office received over 28,000 rst-year applications, almost 4,100 from transfer
and second-bachelor’s degree students, and just over 6,700 applications forgraduate school.

In addition to the usual number of applications, on Oct. 15 – free app day for Colorado high school students – the university received 9,126 applications. It’s a lot to handle. Besides a team of 50 full-time employees, the o ce also employs students and hires extra help during the busiest times.

Despite the heavy load, Daniels said that the hardest part of the job forher is that there is not a way to truly personalize the application process for each individual as universities become more competitive in recruiting potential students. There are more and more options becoming availableand as things change, so does the process of recruiting.

“We have to look at the process di erently and individualize the process as much as possible for each and every person,” Daniels explained.

It takes a team

It truly takes a team of people to pull it all together and continuepromoting CSU to prospective Rams. With that, there are so many other jobs that Admissions handles besides just applications. The Recruitment Team handles territory managers and counselors that travel, readapplications and work with students throughout the admissions process.An Events Team manages on- and o -campus events and the Student Ambassador Program. There are also teams to assist in processing and

marketing, as well as an IT team that speci cally manages student information systems and a team that deals speci cally with customer service.

The entire o ce takes pride in the bridge they provide between studentsand the university and the rewards from these jobs are many. Danielsexplained how amazing it was to meet with potential students.

“It is so rewarding to review applications and make admissions decisions, help someone navigate the process, or discover what their passions might be,” she said. “The O ce of Admissions serves as a connection betweenwhere someone is and where they are heading by continuing their education.”