Applause: Everyday Heroes

Janet Porter-Azure, administrative assistant III in Admissions Processing, was nominated for this award by a student she assisted in applying for a Master of Public Policy and Administration. Porter-Azure has been at CSU since 2011, and in her current position since 2016. When asked what she loves most about her work, she said, “I tend to gravitate to problem-solving situations and love interacting with our graduate applicants to learn a little more about them as people and their hopes and goals for their time at CSU.”

Lynsey Bosch, operations manager at the Translational Medicine Institute in the Department of Clinical Sciences, has been at CSU for 15 years. Recently, she’s been working remotely due to
the pandemic. Bosch contributes to a number of committees and teams, and is “always thinking outside the box on ways to improve the operational e ciency for the TMI and the lives of those who work here,” according to her nominator. “She’s not afraid to ask di cult questions and implement positive change throughout the building.”

If you’d like to nominate an Everyday Hero, please visit the Classified Personnel Council website at