AgingPLUS seeking participants interested in healthy aging

The Adult Development and Aging Project (ADAPT) research team are currently looking for participants to be a part of a new clinical trial based on a recent successful pilot program.

The study’s main goal is to help older adults make lifestyle changes and incorporate healthy aging habits into their lives through a program called AgingPLUS.

What is involved?

The program includes several components. First, participants will meet with a member of the research team on the CSU campus to provide consent to participate, fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, and get fitted with an Actigraph that monitors daily activity, similar to a pedometer or Fitbit.

One week after this initial appointment, participants come in again to complete a series of simple physical assessments. Next, they will be asked to take part in an educational group that meets in a two-hour class once a week for four consecutive weeks. These educational groups are geared towards teaching different strategies for healthy and successful aging.Senior Couple

Finally, once participants have completed the educational sessions, they will be asked to complete follow-up sessions with additional questionnaires and physical assessments. Participants assigned to a particular group will also wear the Actigraph and record their daily activity at various times throughout the remaining months of the study. The total time commitment for a participant to be in the study is about eight months.

Am I a candidate?

Yes, you are a good candidate if you are:

• Between 45 and 75 years old

• English-speaking (using primarily English in speaking, reading, and writing in your daily life)

• Currently not exercising on a regular basis

• Willing to be randomized to one of two educational groups

• Willing to complete all components of the study, including attending all four group educational sessions and committing to six months of observation — with gaps between observations.

Individuals who participate will have all fees paid for the educational program and will also receive monetary compensation for their time commitment to the study, up to $280.

If  you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact Kat Thompson, project coordinator, and the ADAPT Lab Research team at (970)-491-5001 or