A day in the life of CAM the Ram

CAM The Ram

Everybody loves the four-legged, legendary mascot known as CAM the Ram. From CSU Football games to events, being near CAM is a privilege for CSU students, faculty and staff. 

CAM the Ram, the official mascot of Colorado State University, is taken care of by our proud Ram Handlers, but what does the beloved mascot do on his days off? This story will provide the inside scoop into a day in the life of CAM the Ram, presenting the long-awaited answer to the age-old question: What exactly does CAM the Ram do every day?

Unlike your average ram, CAM has to always be looking his best to fulfill the long list of duties that fall onto his plate. Being a star like CAM has its privileges, but that fame comes with responsibility. Thanks to the head caretaker of CAM, Suzie Halvorson, we finally know what an average day looks like for our proud mascot. The results may surprise you.

Event Days:

  • CAM is brushed and groomed to maintain his image
  • Gets his face washed and is rewarded with food for being good
  • Loaded into trailer after being haltered (again, rewarded with food)
  • Must leave around an hour before an event begins
  • Once home, eats food again

Non-Event Days:

  • Starts day at 7:30 a.m.
  • Follows trainer to food bowl
  • Snuggle time after eating
  • Must be brushed everyday
  • Participates in training such as hand targets

CAM Fun Facts:

  • Loves affection and being around people
  • Romaine lettuce is his favorite treat
  • Eats hay from a horse grazing ball to simulate grazing
  • CAM is 2-years-old and around 250 lbs. 
  • Requires scratches every day, preferably cheek and chin scratches
  • Has learned to throw his food ball around with his horns to ask for more

Without the help of his Ram Handlers and caretakers, CAM’s famous appearances at events and games would not be possible. This is not taking anything away from CAM, however. CAM the Ram is a self-sufficient, people-loving, ball-throwing master of his craft and makes the students, faculty and staff of Colorado State University proud to be a CSU ram too.